Friday, April 1, 2011

And So it Goes

with Laurence Olivier in Rebecca (Selznick International, 1940)

with Cary Grant in Suspicion (1941, RKO)

with Tyrone Power in This Above All (1942, 20th Century Fox)

with Charles Boyer in The Constant Nymph (1943, Warner Bros.)

with Louis Jourdan in Letter from an Unknown Woman (1948, Universal)

with Gavin MacLeod in The Love Boat (1981)


  1. Indifference...the new fragrance from Joan Fontaine.

  2. Truly guffawed at my desk. I was so afraid of what was coming. HILARIOUS!

  3. and i thought this meant
    she was dead! you scared me!

  4. She looks thrilled to be posing with MacLeod. That must have been such an honor for her.

  5. I love Joan and her quizzical raised eyebrow. Her book is a hilarious read as she trashes all her 50s movies dismissing them with just a line each. Her one with Mario Lanza, Serenade - is a real doozy where she wears a fabulous mink cape to the opera and dig Vincent Price as her campy sidekick.


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