Monday, April 25, 2011

Just Imagine...

...the all-black version of Valley of the Dolls?

Helen Williams as ANNE WELLS: Good girl with all the bad breaks!

Leslie Uggams as NEELY O'HARA: Nice kid turned lush!

Barbara McNair as JENNIFER NORTH: Sex symbol turned on too often!

Diana Sands as MIRIAM POLAR: A sister with a secret!


Miss Lena Horne as HELEN LAWSON


  1. FABULOUS!!! Helen Williams?!! Don't hear much about her anymore. I am thrilled to learn she is not just a figment of my imagination.

    Add Diahann Carroll and Fred Williamson as Miriam and Tony, and I am sooo there!

  2. Dusty Springfield could sing the opening theme. Belafonte as Tony Polar. Poitier as Paul Burke, but they would have to change it to Paul Poitier. The wig snatch scene alone gives me chills.

  3. Johnny Mathis as Ted Casablanca
    Butterfly McQueen as Miss Steinberg
    Lola Falana as the Dancer/Neely's understudy

  4. I was trying to think who could play Ted JungleRed. Brilliant.

  5. Helen Williams' hair is a work of art in that pic. In the original "Valley Of The Dolls" you only get a glimpse of Neely O'Hara's understudy, but she was breathtakingly beautiful. I guess any model could have done that non-speaking role...just stand there and look gorgeous honey!

  6. A great idea. And Leslie Uggams wouldn't have to be dubbed. How about an all-Asian cast? Pat Suzuki as Neely, France Nuyen as Jennifer, Miyoshi Umeki as good girl Anne and Nancy Kwan as Helen Lawson.

  7. Amazing, That would be some freaking awesome!


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