Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sneakin' Up on You

Sterling Hayden and Scott Brady in Johnny Guitar (1954, Republic)

Randolph Scott and Cary Grant at their home, 1933

Sal Mineo and Don Johnson in the stage production of Fortune and Men's Eyes (1969)

Robert Wagner and Jeffrey Hunter, 1956


  1. I love that picture of RJ and Jeff fooling around in the pool. They made at least 4 movies together and lots of photos exist of them together, but RJ hardly mentioned him in his "tell-all"....
    seems RJ wanted Jeff's part in The Searchers (which would have been his first teaming with Natalie) but Ford, who cast Hunter in 3 of his films, just wouldn't use Wagner!

  2. Hunter was the sexiest Jesus EVER. He also came very close to being Captain Kirk.

  3. i bet mrs. brolin did the exact
    same thing to don, once upon a time.

  4. OMG, Norma! How funny!! I love Don's expression in that shot. "Oh, do I have a run in my hose?" Acting genius...

  5. Mrs. Banderas, too...but Sal was the prettiest of the three.

  6. I am so naive. What is Sal doing to Don in that photo?