Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ménage à Fab

Zsa Zsa Gabor, Jack Paar and Jayne Mansfield

Liza Minnelli, Elizabeth Taylor and Betty Ford

Debbie Reynolds, Lana Turner and Ruta Lee

Ida Lupino, Ann B. Davis and Vivian Vance

Julie Christie, Ursula Andress and Catherine Deneuve

Joan Crawford, Gypsy Rose Lee and Pearl Bailey

Elke Sommer, Ross Hunter and Constance Bennett


  1. What a fantastic picture of Julie, Ursula and Catherine - and all wearing their white gloves! Has Deneuve borrowed her mother's clothes? - she looks very matronly compared to the fabulous Christie!

  2. Liza, Liz and Betty...solidarity in sobriety.

  3. fab they are.

    i'm hypnotized by debbie's mullet wig and how AWFUL elizabeth's hands are. if this is when she was with warner in DC, than she must've been scrubbing floors in between snacks.

    and how pretty betty ford was. god, how i wanted her to be the president.

    1. Elizabeth was the queen and she was always ELIZABETH TAYLOR

  4. Norma, I think in Liz's book "Taking Off" she describes how campaigning with John did severe damage to her hands because EVERYONE wanted to shake the hand of Elizabeth Taylor until finally she had to beg off. They do look awful. I was to distracted by the hair to even look until you pointed it out!

  5. I read in Ida Lupino's autobiography that she used to sprinkle glitter on her kids at bedtime and tell them that it was fairy dust, that is just too sweet!

  6. thanks so much tjb...these pics are a treat!!

  7. Who knew that Ann B. Davis could buy such sassy silks on that puny salary the Brady's paid!!

  8. Constance Bennet looks like she just woke up and found herself there.

  9. That looks like Connie post-facelift. Unfortunately, she didn't get to enjoy it long, as she died in July of 1965, soon after completing work on "Madame X."

  10. Elizabeth always was the super star