Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Very Special Day

Julie (1956, MGM)

The Glass Bottom Boat (1966, MGM)

Move Over Darling (1963, 20th Century Fox)

The legendary Doris Day turns 89 today; we'll be honoring her legacy by cozying up to as many Louis Jourdan, Rod Taylor and James Garner lookalikes as we possibly can.

April 3, 1922


  1. Happy Birthday, Doris, and many more!

  2. Happy Birthday Doris! (And thank you, TJB, for the delicious James Garner eye candy - I *must* watch "The Thrill Of It All" tonight...)

  3. someone told me she's being interviewed on one of those sirrus-type radio stations. i hope it ends up on the internet so that we can all hear it.

    doris, may they give you an oscar
    and may you show up to get it!

  4. Jonathan Schwartz interviewed Doris for a little over an hour about six months ago. It is extremely interesting. Here is a link to the audio:

  5. I used to fantasize that Doris Day was my mom when I watched her 1968 TV series. That is, until I revealed this to my mother and asked her if I was adopted. Middle school years sucked.

  6. Rod Taylor was sex on a stick.

  7. What a voice. Here's my favorite version of my favorite song.

  8. You are welcome, normadesmond. I hope you enjoyed it. And caesar13, I agree that that is an amazing recording. Richard Rodgers did too!