Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Irish Spring


  1. Dennis Morgan wasn't Irish; he was mostly Swedish.

    He had changed his name from the clumsy-sounding Earl Morner and that, and the fact that he had appeared in the popular 'My Wild Irish Rose' and had an Irish tenor-style singing voice, fixed him in the public's mind as an Irishman.

    Swedish, Irish, whatever -- he was exceptionally yummy in his prime.

  2. Yes, I knew Morgan wasn't really Irish -- but since he signed his autographs, "Best o' luck, Dennis Morgan," who am I to end the charade for him?

  3. if you can't believe hollywood
    blarney, than what can you believe?

    wv: congsho

    i loved it, with jaye p morgan.

  4. ok, this bothers me, somebody tell me how the men got waves in their hair? because you know it had to be finger waved and set to get that. YET no picture exists of a single dude getting his hair did!!! Find me one and I will worship thee!


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