Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Being First Lady Takes Balls

Since we often create our blog entries a bit in advance, we are still trembling with anticipation over Michelle Obama's cloaked-in-secrecy Inaugural Ball gown. One can only assume that it will be much more chic than dear, sweet Mrs. Eisenhower's endearingly dowdy pink, pearl-encrusted Nettie Rosenstein anachronism.

It stands to reason that, with her imposing height and regal bearing, Mrs. Obama could, conceivably, make a Bea Arthur-esque ensemble work; probably more so than poor Rosalyn Carter did.

A back-to-the-80's Jimmy Galanos column gown is timeless; and the one-shoulder look is certainly much more appropriate for Michelle Obama's tight, toned biceps than Mrs. Reagan's rather grisly anorexic hag flesh.

Of course, the standard that every First Lady in her wake has been held to, is that of Jacqueline Kennedy -- to whom Mrs. Obama has often been compared. While we certainly see the similarities between Camelot and the bright new day upon us, we also appreciate President Obama and his stylish wife as trailblazing individuals. We'd like to think that, whatever she decides to wear to the ball, Mrs. Obama will carry it with her trademark grace, intelligence, and authority. And, of course, she will have the ultimate accessory: a handsome, charismatic gentleman by her side.


  1. Michelle must read your blog. One shoulder it was... and at about 20k less!

    BTW, Mamie's dawdy pink gown and I are, to the day, the same age. Ugg.

  2. Yes, but only one of you are still here (and not smelling of mothballs)!

    Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Ronnie looks like he just cut the cheese!