Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Does Anyone Still Wear a Hat?

Frankly, we didn't; and we were freezing. Years of trying on various berets and skullcaps and such left us bereft of hope: no hat was ever going to flatter us, and we were doomed to either be warm and unstylish, or teeth-chatteringly cold yet chic. Then we discovered Magar Hatworks, and friends, our life (and body temperature) will never be the same. How did we go so long without trying this ultra-flattering shape? How did we exist in the winter months with so much heat escaping from our shaven head? And, most important, how the hell did we pass up the chance to accessorize with such fabulous creations?

Like anything of quality, good hats don't come cheap; and, all things considered, a luxury hat is something of a frivolity (compared against, say, a new blazer or a new winter coat). But, like Mrs. Miniver, we discovered the pleasurable thrill of buying a snappy new hat and having it improve our mood (and our chic!) immensely. Our new purchase is rabbit fur felt in a gorgeous camel shade, with a grossgrain ribbon of brown, bronze, gold, and green, and we absolutely adore it.

However, as much as we are delighting in the wearing of our new treasure, we also subscribe to the old-fashioned rules of hat etiquette for gentlemen: aspiring young dandies, please remove your hat when indoors, especially when dining and at the theater; and of course, when speaking with a lady. While we were gladdened to see so many dashing men about town this weekend accessorizing with similarly snazzy headgear, we were distressed by how many chose to leave their hats on at the dinner table, or once they settled into their seats at the theater. At the end of the day, a man's hat is primarily a functional outerwear accessory -- albeit one with which the wearer can demonstrate his superlative taste and style. Don't ruin the effect by demonstrating an oblivious lack of manners.


  1. So that is the famous chapeau?
    Quite fabulous.
    But do you mean to say that gentlemen in NYC leave their hats on while dining?
    Even when the restaurant isn't Kosher?

  2. Personally this is 2009. Most men don't wear hats as a daily habit.
    We don't expect women to remove their chapeau so why can't a fella keep his hat on indoors if he chooses and it's as amazing as the one pictured. I wouldn't be offended in the least. If we go by your strict standards I hope you plan to remove it in the elevator...oh and be sure to tip your hat to the ladies you know.

  3. As you know, on Fabulon everyone wears a hat, be it a mantilla, tiara, headdress, or fedora. It's only right!

    And for once I'm actually in agreement with the hipsters of Portland: hats stay on if they're part of le package totale.

  4. Hats on at the table? Never.

    And I have a hat rather like that one....much less fabulous, alas.

  5. Toby -- Not mine, but very similar.

    Dray & Thombeau -- I am unwavering in my stance on this one, dear hearts. And, bien sur! I would tip my hat to the ladies.

    Jason -- I'm sure it is just as fabulous, particularly if you're wearing it, along with your Sunday white gloves, as the Okra Man makes his way down the street.

  6. Thom and I are just rebels at heart.