Thursday, January 22, 2009

How Did The Date Go, You May Query?


  1. Oh, sweetie. The tragedy is that we are on opposite sides of the country...

  2. Oh no! :(
    I've been doing nothing but querying too.

    Believe me, I know that book inside and out myself. It's practically my autobiography.

    What this guy is "not into," I guess, is quality and style and just plain handsomeness...and that's pretty pathetic on his part, isn't it?

  3. Oh dear, I'd been holding back from asking, so as not to jinx it.

    For lack of anything better, I'll give you the same line my friends give me:

    "He just found you're good looks, charm and confidence too intimidating"

  4. Thombeau -- It's not just a tragedy, it's a sin! We could commiserate over bubbly and Helen Merrill records!

    Jason & ilduce -- You're sweet. And perceptive. And have unerring good taste! ;-)

  5. I have minions who I'd be happy to have go break his leg and scar him for life, but they're actually better at gossiping and decorating. Maybe they could make fun of his couch. That would show him.

  6. Sorry honey I feel personally responsible as I so often give bad advice.

  7. OK can update this now.

    Also I'm ready for our 3rd date...with cash! xxooxx

  8. Dray -- And I can wear my NEW hat!


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