Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Dash Than Cash?

As we tighten our economic belts, we need not appear any less stylish! Model Jean Patchett shows us how.

Here, Jean models a "dime-store outfit, accessorized with gold kid belt, nickel-plated charm braclet, a choker, and three costume braclets."

This is "a dime-store hot weather costume which costs $3.41, including rough-straw bonnet."

Jean beats the heat by cleverly using "three 'allway scarves,' which make a bathing suit, totaling $1.98."

Here are "20 braclets, at a nickel a piece, enlivening simple white shirt."

Leave the heirlooms in the safe, when you can fool 'em with "huge Woolworth earrings, pearls, and rhinestone clips."

An example of "cheap white touches that set off [an] expensive black dress."


  1. "Cheap White Touches." The title of my new autobiography, on sale soon.

  2. "When out of makeup altogether, hide behind large programs."

  3. My tip: Use your lipstick as rouge.

  4. well. i would like to find a dime store where i could get the first dress today. too cute! all of it