Thursday, January 29, 2009

Celebrity Boudoirs

Glamour of an era long since passed. Can one even buy a negligee or peignoir anymore? Does anyone want to? Besides trannies?


  1. you forgot Delphine Seyrig in her feather negligé in Last Year at Marienbad back in 62 ;)

  2. We are covered with shame!!! (And need to watch that film again for a healthy dose of glamour.)

  3. There's also Ava Gardner in 1974's "Earthquake!" LOL

    I'm a litte bit afraid to ask this, but why did Jayne Mansfield need/want all that empty carpeted floor space in her bedroom?

  4. Having sprained a finger falling off a bed during some very vigorous and acrobatic bed "activities" I highly recommend lots of wide open very softly carpeted space surrounding one’s mattress.

    And if I had beren given a chance at a young Mickey Hagerty........

  5. some of us are trying desperately to bring glamor back!


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