Sunday, January 18, 2009

We Apologize...

...for the lack of updates this weekend, but we're preparing for some male bonding.

Actually, we're going out on our first date in, oh, about two presidential administrations. We're not even entirely sure what constitutes first or second base anymore, and we think that heavy petting is allowed only after an engagement has been discussed. Any and all advice and/or updated information from you swingers out there will be appreciated.


  1. Well, just remember, darling, that one never accepts jewelry. Unless it's from Cartier, Van Cleef, or Harry Winston.

  2. And don't do anything Mae West wouldn't do!

  3. Oh my goodness!

    Swinging advice? Grab on the the part of the chandelier that is closest to the mid-center. Watch the bobeches and avoid crystal wounds.

    (and I'm wishing you lots of fun!)

  4. i'll do anything on the first date with one foot on the floor...

  5. Darling, you used to be Snow White...
    but ya drifted.
    hell yes!

  6. Because so many first dates are just that and never a second one, I would suggest answering the door in the nude with a nice grosgrain ribbon tied around your dick. Have fun and put out…it’s expected on a first date! Tracy aint no first lady.

  7. How did it go? I do hope you followed ayem8y's advice, so very sound.

    "Marilyn dabbed Chanel behind her ears to attract men. What does ayem8y put behind her ears to draw them in?

    Her heels."

  8. Yay! What fun, TJB darling!
    Hurry up & dish!