Wednesday, January 28, 2009


One thing we love about the whole blogging experience is that, very often, reading someone else's blog makes one scream like a little girl, "Oh, my GOD! I used to LOVE ______!" Or, at least, it tends to have that effect on us, worldly sophisticates we may be at any other time. Suffering Fools Badly's recent musings on former childhood crushes, and an unusually hot photo of a name we haven't heard, thought of, and barely even remembered from days gone by, Adrien Zmed, recently brought on an unexpected jolt of memories. And while, as we will explain further, we too often neglected Adrien Zmed's considerable charms in favor of other hunks du jour, we thank ilduce for a pleasant trip down memory lane, to a time and place when our adolescent hormones could be easily stirred by a blow-dried coif and a tight pair of Jordache jeans.

Mr. Zmed's primary claim to fame was his role as Officer Romano on T.J. Hooker (1982-85). It wasn't a show that we watched very often, loyal as we were to C.H.I.P.S. and dear, sweet Erik Estrada; and when we did watch it, we were frankly too enamored of James Darren (budding daddy hunters that we were) and too appalled by William Shatner to really notice the ungathered rosebud that was Adrien Zmed.

But, Scott Baio apparently took notice:

According to his list of credits, Adrien Zmed also appeared in Grease 2 (1982), but we can only remember Maxwell Caulfield and that leather jumpsuit. Sorry, Adrien. We hardly knew ye. But perhaps a reappreciation is in order.


  1. Adrien is one of a small crop of leftover studs on the current VH1 show "Confessions of a Teen Idol" in which Scott Baio (producer) is working on giving one of the men involved another shot at stardom. Christopher Atkins, Billy Hufsey, David Chokachi, Eric Nies, Jamie Walters and one other (is it Jeremy Jordan?) are the rest. In "Grease 2," Adrien was one of the T-Birds and wore his belt with the buckle off to the side, rather than in the middle of his pants, a look I tried to carry off once or twice and at which I failed miserably!

  2. Time has not been too kind to Mr. Zmed.