Sunday, January 4, 2009

How We Rang in 2009


With Claudette Colbert and Mary Astor in The Palm Beach Story (1942) at Film Forum and Bebe Daniels in Reaching for the Moon (1930) at MOMA. We don't think there's a nicer way.


  1. That's a great shot of Mary Astor. I like her in her (somewhat) younger days, such as in "The Great Lie," but where she changed my life was in "Return to Peyton Place" as a conniving, judgemental old bat! Loved her!

  2. Residing in Peton Place pretty much requries that you be a bitter conniving judgemental old bat at all times or else run the risk of eviction.....

  3. Doesn't Mary Astor remind you boys of Mrs. Wallis Simpson in that shot? Trivia: the Astor role in "Return to Peyton Place" was tentatively intended for (hold on to your hats, boys)... JOAN CRAWFORD.

  4. I'd have loved Joan in it, too, I'm sure. But I'm glad Mary got in that late career whammy.


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