Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mini D.V.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Richard Avedon
MODEL: "Danny"

We are indebted to the elegant Toby Worthington for this image!


  1. It didn't register until many years after the fact, that this was a jokey homage to Diana Vreeland. The navy blue hair, the cigarette holder, the scarlet fingernails~all a far cry from the prevailing fashions of 1963. It created quite a stir. Inside the magazine were further images of the same androgynous model, wearing a Vreeland- like mesh snood. Quite a sly gesture on the part of Avedon & Co, wouldn't you say?

  2. Had DV left Bazaar by this time? I'll have to look that up...I think she defected to Vogue in '62. Avedon, you sly puss!


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