Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Psycho Ward

When Fabulon ran images of actor/musician Eric Balfour, such as the one above, we couldn't help but have a strange feeling of deja vu settle over us; and then it hit us: the bad boy swagger, the slight sneer, the pornalicious moustache -- Mr. Balfour was a dead ringer for our favorite wild man, Tony Ward, who we find irresistible in spite of all that is refined and decent in the world.

When you consider that the three above images of Mr. Ward were taken some 15 years after he spent nights like this...

...you really do begin to have a new respect for the man. Visit his official website here.


  1. Somewhere I have the skin shots he made with his tiny, little Ward wienie. I prefer the Balfour booty.

  2. There are a number of full frontal shots on La Ward's official site, which we intently studied, in order to bring you only the finest cultural experience possible on this blog. It certainly looked respectable enough, but then, I did click to enlarge...

  3. How does he maintain this level of hotness? It's crazy.

  4. I believe he bathes in the... something of virgins.