Monday, April 13, 2009

We're Ready For You, Miss Merman

Sometimes, we forget how much we love Varla Jean Merman. Then we re-watch brilliant videos such as these, and fall all over again.

La Merman only makes a cameo in the last one, but it is arguably the most offensive and, thusly, the funniest of the bunch. Be sure and visit her blog/site here. Oh, thanks to Project Rungay, we can be assured that once the plaster and paint come off, Varla Jean transforms from frosted cupcake to beefcake:

It's not every queen who is convincing as both Olivia de Havilland's doppelganger and a hot daddy, so we propose that Varla Jean Merman may be the only homosexual alive who can honestly claim to be "versatile."

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