Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Three Faces of Faye

All of them quite mad. And fabulous.


  1. Suuuuup-her-giirrrrlll! LOL If you ever get the chance to see her little featurette on "Supergirl," it's so pretentious and over the top, especially the way she pronounces the title. That movie is a like a wounded bird. No one went and everyone hated it and yet there are people who love it and will defend it forever. Just last week I came upon a book of paper dolls from the movie that I stashed away as a collectible. Hilarious! But it's the closest I can get to Hart Bochner in his underwear...

  2. You would think that, after the whole Mommie Dearest debacle, Ms. Faye would run screaming from anything that even had the faintest whiff of camp! Which leads one to believe that such was the devastation that MD wrought on her career, SG was the best of her offers...