Monday, April 13, 2009

Trash Talk

Sounds like our kinda gal.


  1. I can vouch for the fact that the movie, as released, has little or none of the punch that this poster promises! It's an okay movie, but this advertising writes checks that the movie can't cash! lol I also must report that hunky Michael Craig is NEVER shown shirtless in the movie, despite the publicity...

  2. Donna -- I could use a pick me up, too!

    Poseidon -- This was a remake of "Dark Victory," no?

  3. Yes. Susan was getting on just a bit to be playing this tragic "young" party girl, stricken down in the bud of her youth (!) Also, Bette Davis was highly displeased that she remade DV and they were soon paired up for "Where Love Has Gone," a camp riot, and the hate was ungodly between the two. It's fun to see them going at it as mother and daughter in that one.

  4. Based on the Johnny Stompanato murder! I'm amazed they didn't ask Lana to play that part.

    I swoon over the Jack Jones theme song...

  5. I actually like this better than Dark Victory, wherein Betty is all quick, jerky mannerisms...very distracting.

    The end of stolen hours is very touching and classy...just a fade out.
    They also had Chet Baker in this teaching Susan the twist at the party scene at the beginning of the movie...didn't make the final cut.