Thursday, April 23, 2009

When Jayne Met Liza Met Mitzi Met Kaye

If our eyes have ever goggled, it was at the moment we discovered this photo.

Found HERE.


  1. I loved it when women wore those huge hairpieces like Mitzi's! That's quite a collection of ladies! I wonder what the occasion was.

  2. Kaye's looking at Liza and Liza's looking at Mitzi and Mitzi's looking at Jayne and Jayne's just looking around to see who's looking at her. Because she knows they are looking.

  3. Is this my favorite photograph EVER? Maybe! It's like a surreal dream about a wax museum.

  4. Poseidon3 -- It was Mitzi's opening night at the Riviera in Vegas, 1966. Jayne was appearing at the lower-rent Fremont Hotel at the time. I have to say, Jaynie looks pretty darn good -- by the mid 1960's, she could look like an absolute train wreck, depending on the pills, booze, and hairdresser.

    justlovely -- And we still are!

    MC -- I would totally make this my wallpaper... but I can't give up Michael Billington quite yet.