Monday, April 13, 2009

Remember When... the back of our heads,

we heard distant feet?

Stephen Sondheim and Minnelli

to a disco beat!


  1. One of my all-time faves! It's just so very THAT WAY!

  2. I remember this very well and I LOVED that album. I recall being so relieved that she came up with a new look after so long of the same pixie do and then the record sort of flopped with the mainstream and she was immediatly back to the other style. Her dance club look is crystallized, though, in an interview that she, Joey and Lorna did about The Wizard of Oz which appears on some DVDs. She has a hunk of dark blonde hair extension jutting down her face. lol

  3. Thombeau -- YAY!!!

    Poseidon3 -- And don't forget her appearance on the Dame Edna Experience, when she sang (well... lyped) "So Sorry, I Said."


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