Friday, April 17, 2009

Tell Me More, Tell Me More

Summer Lovers (1982)
dir.: Randal Kleiser
Cast: Peter Gallagher, Daryl Hannah, Barbara Rush, Carole Cook

(Barbara Rush and Carole Cook?!?! Really???)

Summer Lovers screen caps found here.


  1. In the early '80's I was in Paris studying Art History, but most of the time I was in night clubs practicing "Social" studies..."Elysees-Matignon" was where the "Show-Biz" types hung out. One evening I notice a group of noisy characters wearing a distinctive type of shirt not found in Paris. The type "Tony" wears in "Saturday Night Fever". Among this unsavory group a beautiful blond, tanned, gleaming white teeth beauty glowed...I immediately recognized him as I had just come back from summer vacation in the U.S.and had seen "Blue Lagoon": Chis Atkins. Being somewhat cute myself and with the "insouciance" of youth I make a B-line for him and start chatting with him. Adorable Chris was only too happy to find someone his age who spoke English and to get away from his crowd. Devoured by curiosity a small and hairy (shirt open to the navel) guy with a thick Brooklyn accent shouts: "who's that bwlondie your tawlking with, Chris ?" The call came from Randall Kleiser who with Allan Carr next to him where very jealous of their new "creation". (having made a fortune with their previous "creation" John Travolta in "Grease") After being introduced to them, the next question was: "wanna come back to the Hotel with us, Chris could show you the pictures of him in the shower, I took with my Polaroid..." That, is what I call an "offer I can't refuse". So off we went to the their suite at the Georges V and while Allan, Randall and a group of Ladies-of-the-night of all sexes noisily remained in the living room, Chris and I disappeared to a bedroom...

  2. Miss Barbara Rush is appearing right now overnight on GSN in their fabulous color reruns of "Password." (3:30am EST) She's very interesting to look at and watch. It was from about the same time as the photo you have up. She really kept her looks for a long time, I think. (But can you imagine her having both "Summer Lovers" AND "Can't Stop the Music" on her resume?!?! Yikes!)

  3. awe of xico's stories.

  4. Well, c'mawwwn, blondie... tell us moah, tell us moah!

    Poseidon... dear God, I'd forgotten she was in CSTM. And June Havoc. And Altovese Davis. And Tammy Grimes. And Leigh Taylor-Young.

  5. Peter Gallagher's eyebrows always sort of freaked me out and now look where they've wound up, on Susan Boyle's face.


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