Tuesday, April 20, 2010


One hopes that there was enough Rumaki, Hot Crab Dunk and Swedish Meatballs for the crowd at Cookie's last cocktail party to soak up the Manhattans and Daquiris - the last time, Norma got so stoned, she drove the damn Avanti into the pool. The car turned out all right, but Norma's gold lame sheath rusted as green as the Parsley-Roquefort Cheese Balls she always brings to every party.

Always. To every party.


  1. That 'damn Avanti' is MY Avanti. And I'm still finding strands from that cheap Dynel fall she had on that night wrapped around the gearshift. That bitch.

  2. You have to admit that even though Studebaker only produced the Avanti from the late 1963 to the early 1964 model year (the last one rolled off the line in December 1963) they are a stunning car. 1963 models have round headlights; the 1964 models had rectangle headlight bezels.

    And let's not even start on Avanti II that Felix drives.

    Just sign me,

    A Card Carrying Member of The Studebaker Drivers Club of America and the owner of a dowdy 1963 Lark.

  3. The party's not a success until somebody falls face first into the aspic.

  4. I always say that "the party is never a success until someone is crying."

  5. Your Lark is NOT dowdy! Just ask Zsa Zsa!


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