Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Higher and Higher

So much to savor here: a pill-poppin', hair-hoppin', acid-droppin' Jayne Mansfield, blissfully unaware of where the hell she is - which can be the only reason she's agreed to be photographed next to her arch rival, Mamie Van Doren, reseplendent in the latest in cat fur fashion and the trendy mismatched-wiglet look. Tommy Noonan is doing his best Jackie Gleason impression, while gallantly focusing the attention on his lovely wife, Foopy.

Yes, Foopy.


  1. Poor Jayne. Someone should have ordered her a water pill and a couple cucumber slices for her eyes.sessne

  2. She would have tasted the pill, declared that it was not Demerol, and promptly tossed it aside. Then she would have taken the cucumber slices and put them in a Hendrick's gin and tonic.

  3. I thought Foopy was a Transvestite..