Thursday, April 8, 2010

Separated at Birth...

Taiwanese internet sensation Lin Yu Chun

TJB in a former life

...joined by bow ties.

Thanks (we think) to Mistress MJ!


  1. As tempted as we were to mention your "former life" photo, we refrained.

    Our little Taiwanese friend hasn't got the hang of the "popped collar" effect yet.

    Will you be boarding the next flight to offer style advice?

  2. I sure you sing MUCH better than The Little One does. After all, didn't I read somewhere your audition (...or was that "party") pieces are the second Queen of the NIght aria followed immediately by O Don Fatale?

    Perhaps I was misinformed.

  3. You had a much better haircut, back in the day, too.

    Glad to see you dabbling in the posting world.



  4. So clearly there's hope for the little bugger yet

  5. He may have gotten the singing talent but you obviously inherited style and good taste.

    Besides I'd much rather be the evil twin.

  6. Oh, surely you're not that gay!


  7. my dear, look at the size of your...bow tie.

  8. You really are quite the dapper gentleman.

  9. MJ - No, but when he co-opts my green shoes, I'll hope a plane and bitch slap him.

    Schweigsame - Actually, I'm not that highbrow; I get all maudlin and torchy and do a lowdown "Can't Help Lovin Dat Man." Although, for "tone," I'll throw in a medley of "Summertime" and "My Man's Gone Now."

    atcc - Smooches, dearest. Although I think my "hairdo" now is much better.

    Felix - I read somewhere that he's 23! I really thought he was around 16, since he looked so much like me in my "awkward" stage.

    ayem8y - Your next film: a remake of Bette Davis' Dead Ringer (or, as Miss Davis would say, DeadT Ring-ah) starring you and I. Since both twins are murderesses, we can both be the evil twin!

    Thombeau - Oh, yes I am. I'm just not that chubby anymore.

    normadesmond - My bow tie is big. It's my hair that got small.

    Debbie - Thank you very kindly!