Friday, April 23, 2010

We Endorse:

The Lesbouffant!

Even when white water rafting, two-step dancing, or (ahem) deep sea diving, your 'do will stay firmly in place! Don't put your finger in the dyke - use it to press down on a can of Aqua Net today!


  1. Well its not that far from Leslie Gore to "Lesbi Gore". Say that ten times, really fast.

    What I adore about Gore is that she decided to take the smart route with life. Yes, she could have forsaken Sarah Lawrence for a career and seized the moment, but she stayed in school will never have to worry about appearing at Bar Mitzvahs and bowling alleys on the "has-been circuit" Either.

    And Dusty is well, DUSTY! DAMNIT!

  2. Dusty is thinking about Diane Warren's pussy in that shot

  3. perfect! Firmly part of my vocabulary now. thank you.

  4. let us not forget that lesley is lesley and not leslie...


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