Saturday, April 24, 2010

She's the Greatest Star?

Debatable, but it's undeniable that she has given us some truly magical moments. For our money, this is near the top of the list, capturing a nascent, thrilling young talent and the pathos of a legend fighting to stay afloat.

Her Name is Barbra
April 24, 1942


  1. One things for sure, they don't build them like Babs anymore. Thats why I love her - she has her real nose. It made her tough, and a it made her a survivor. Thats why I adore babs and respect her and her talent.

  2. Not liking Barbra Streisand is my shameful gay confession. It's not for want of trying — I have tried! — but I can't get past that monstrous ego.

  3. In April 1965 my mother said to me (then 5 years old): "You don't have to go to bed on time tonight. There's something on TV that you've got to see."

    I was, of course, Streisand's first television special.

    In June 1977 my mother, tears filling her eyes, shrieked at me, "What do you mean you're gay! I had no idea!"


    Happy Birthday Barbra.

  4. how funny felix. she who followed the recipe had no idea of what kind of cake she made.

  5. I know this has no particular relevancy, but whenever I think of Barbra Streisand, I think of Vietnam. They both came into my consciousness at the same time.


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