Friday, April 30, 2010

Leather and Lace


  1. who was the one who talked her into doing this?

  2. Leather meaning her singing voice, right?

  3. This movie was all Lucille's idea. It was the first movie done in her new production company at the time. She wanted to do the movie even though he was advised against it. She was a bit too mature for the roll at the time. The entire movie is shot through cheese cloth to soften the lines in her face at the time. That is why there is a haze during the film.

  4. I always feel I have to defend Lucille on this... The movie was optioned 6 or 7 years before it was finally made - and before Lucy broke her leg - if you look at Lucy in "Yours, Mine and Ours" - that's the age she would have been if things had gone forward when she wanted them to. There's a big difference between 56 and 62 years for a woman. Also, the studio would not make it with Angela because she wasn't bankable - the same deal as Streisand and "Dolly"

    It WAS ill-advised - Desi told her not to do it - but she wanted one last shot at the movies and she had the power to pick and choose - and she was one of the few women who had that power at the time, so she used it.

    The results may have been unfortunate, but when I see her on that screen, I still see a woman with her heart in the right place... and going for it!


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