Tuesday, April 6, 2010

May Mackie Madness

We admit it: beneath our cool, sophisticated exterior, we're big ol' girls who are a-twitter with excitement over two upcoming events: Mitzi Gaynor's New York cabaret debut on May 18 (alas, at Feinstein's at the Regency - but we're willing to suffer for Mitz) and Diana Ross' return to Radio City Music Hall on May 19. We're willing to bet that at least one-third to one-half of the tri-state area's gays will be at one or both of these Homopaloozas, so we look forward to seeing at least a few of our readers. Let us know if you'll be there!


  1. With you in spirit only.

    You'll feel your bottom being pinched and know it's me. (amid others, of course)

  2. How cool to see Mitzi is person!
    She was my first live performance when my parents took me to see her in Pajama Game in Chicago when I was 6 years old... me & Mitz, we go way back!

  3. Oh, I do so wish! Never seen Ms. Mitzi. Saw Miss Ross once when she was performing at a Lincoln-Mercury convention in San Diego (a story for another time).

    Have fun you little minx and pick up some gown tips for me -- in case I decide to go on the road. What?

  4. Fun fact: Mitzi wore Scaasi to sing "Georgy Girl" at the '66 Academy Awards.

  5. Do you already have a date to see Mitzi? Cuz I could be there in the ole' proverbial new York second.....

  6. MJ - When my bottom burns, it will be nice to know that it's because of you.

    Stephen - How fab! I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing her.

    Felix - You MUST post that San Diego story. Or just email me privately.

    Billy D - Did she?? That was a fun number - a yellow mini, as I recall.

    ilduce - Oh, darlin', I do- but, seriously, it would be so much fun if you came!

  7. Does anyone know who took the photo of Diana Ross in that red Mackie gown?