Saturday, April 3, 2010

Many Happy Returns, Clara Bixby!

Happy Birthday, Doris!

April 3, 1922


  1. I have a nasty habit of spoiling this song for my gays by getting my tits out and singing "Mammaries".

    The girl can't help it.

  2. A. E. Hotchner's authorized biography of Doris puts her birth year as 1924. Doris authorized it so it's gotta be true! Don't bother to thank me for my fact checking. The chance to set the record straight is reward enough!

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  4. love her.
    See her early technicolor movies Romance on the High Seas and My Dream is Yours costumes by the best..Helen Rose.

    It Happened in Maine is a great film w Jack Lemmon Fun Fun Fun.

    I wish she would come back to TV..reguardless of age.
    So many miss her.

  5. I just saw a hideous tabloid rag yesterday with her picture on it saying "Doris Day Prepares to Die." I hate when they do stuff like that! Love you, Doris!