Sunday, January 4, 2009

Another Classy Dame


We've also been thinking of Elizabeth Ashley a lot lately; flamboyantly elegant brunettes with gravelly voices get us every time. She and her contemporary Suzanne Pleshette seemed poised on the brink of superstardom in the mid-1960's; but where Suzanne got lead roles in plush romantic dramas like Rome Adventure (1962) and Youngblood Hawke (1964), Liz got lost in the all-star shuffles of The Carpetbaggers (1964) and Ship of Fools (1965). She did, however, win a Tony Award (for Take Her, She's Mine in 1962), and like Suzanne, earned greater fame on television; Ashley garnered an Emmy nomination for her work on Evening Shade (1991-94). And, shadowing Suzanne's marriage to Troy Donahue, Elizabeth Ashely snared her own delicious blond, George Peppard, in a marriage that we're sure was pretty intense.

Most recently, we've seen Miss Ashley exhorting us to lose weight with Slim Fast, still exuding all the gutsy glamour that we know and love her for. She's the "other Liz" of the swingin' 60's, and with all due respect to the fabulous Miss Taylor, we secretly prefer her.


  1. "You know what they shay about thoshze candy bars... a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. Well, not theshze hips, not any morah, cause I'm on the new Schlim-Fasht plan!" LOL Loved her in those ads. Her auto-bio ("Actress') is an eye-opener to say the least! She fascinates me the most in "Coma" as a staid, terrifying nurse.