Sunday, January 4, 2009

One Classy Dame

We've been missing Suzanne Pleshette lately; both her birthday (January 31, 1937) and the anniversary of her untimely death (January 19, 2008) are upcoming, but this gorgeous, glamorous lady deserves a mention at any given time.

She's best known, of course, for The Bob Newhart Show (1972-78); but as you might expect, we love the early 60's La Pleshette best, when she was co-starring with the likes of Ty Hardin, Rod Taylor, Bradford Dillman, and James Franciscus.

Suzanne Pleshette also was (briefly) married to Troy Donahue, a union which surely was second only to Liz and Dick in the annals of movie history.

We miss you, Suzanne! We're nutty for throaty, sexy, ballsy dames, and you're near the top of the heap.


  1. Ah...I loved her.

    The only benefit of being sick and hoarse is that I can pretend to sound a bit more like her.

  2. She was neat. Unique. Thanks, especially, for the gallery of her hunky leading men!

  3. Jason -- Oh, dear! Take two Bradford Dillmans and call me in the morning. Hope you feel better soon.

    Poseidon3 -- I mean, really. Who the hell ever thinks of Bradford Dillman? We thank you, Suzanne!

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