Friday, January 9, 2009

A Perfect Gentleman

Of course David Niven was suave, sophisticated, cultured, and charming; that goes without saying. He was also a gentleman who truly embodied the most humane application of the title, as evidenced by this anecdote about his memorial service: "...the biggest wreath, worthy of a Mafia Godfather's funeral, was delivered from the porters at London's Heathrow Airport, along with a card that read: 'To the finest gentleman who ever walked through these halls. He made a porter feel like a king.'" (from Niv: The Authorised Biography of David Niven by Graham Lord)


  1. That IS a great testament to his character and neat to hear, but I have to ask... Was DN ever, EVER YOUNG? Even in that early publicity photo, he had creases in his forehead. It's like he was born 30 years-old and aged from there!

  2. He didn't come off quite as well in Nancy Lancaster's biography. She thought DN a terrible phony,even though he was a frequent house guest at Ditchley Park. Evidently he was greatly enamored of his own

  3. Poseidon3 -- Haha, he sprang from the womb in perpetual middle age. Not unlike the Gabor sisters.

    Toby -- But, darling, aren't we all? LOL.

  4. I knew he was suave but didn't realize he was also so dapper. Do they even make those white cotton formal gloves anymore?