Sunday, February 22, 2009

Academy Award-Winning Actress

That's right, bitches.


  1. Proving, once again, that anything is possible in Hollywood...for better or for worse.

  2. I LOVE Miss Malone. Underrated. Alive and lives in Texas - we really must find her.

  3. Mister Stirred, etc.,

    Thank you for reminding us with the photos of Ms Malone as proof that once upon a time there was sex with class, not Madonna and the other current trash....

    Sondheim wrote, Gingold sang:

    Women, it
    Pains me more than I can say,
    The lack of taste that they display!
    Where is style?
    Where is skill?
    Where is forethought?
    Where's discretion of the heart?
    Where's passion in the art?
    Where's craft?

  4. Toby -- In Hollywood, remember, Hope Lange springs eternal.

    Donna -- LIFE/Google has some candid paparazzi shots of her with her daughters in the 80's/90's; she gets progressively... stranger looking as the years go on.

    cet3 -- Thank you. We actually never have sex here at Stirred, Straight Up with a Twist -- but if we did, 't'would be with class!