Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Merle

Shown above holding a hair hopper's conference with Anne Ford, Charlotte Ford, and Mrs. Henry Ford III. As noted by the everlovin' Peenee, Ms. Oberon's last husband was former actor Robert "Robby" Wolders, aptly described as "humpalicious."

Mr. Wolders, after being widowed by Ms. Oberon, went on to become Audrey Hepburn's longtime companion until her death. As as been mentioned, such was Robby's beauty, he more than held his own next to the formidable Oberon and Hepburn; and we think he would have made an even prettier pairing with his Laredo co-star Peter Brown.


  1. My eyebrows always rise when someone is described as a 'companion'... just say'n.

  2. I know what you mean, kansastock. By every printed and recorded account, Audrey and Robby were a happy, devoted, loving couple. But the cynical side of me has sometimes wondered how much of that is polite whitewashing by those who wish to maintain Ms. Hepburn's saint-like legacy.

  3. I'd say Audrey made out better than, say, Martha Raye in her declining years! If any of you get the chance, you have to see the Merle and Robert film "Interval," filmed in Merle's adopted city of Acapulco. It's a scream.