Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wish We Were There

Above: Carol Channing, Gloria Swanson, and Tallulah Bankhead at the 1951 Celebrity of the Year Awards in New York City. We imagine that Gloria has turned a disdainful eye on the shrimp cocktail and has an alfalfa sprout sandwich which she brought herself, tucked away in her purse; Talu is coked and bourboned to the tits; and Carol has absolutely no clue what's going on around her, but finds it hilarious anyway.


  1. WOW! Can you imagine the lucky waiter??? There's 2 (I've already met Carol) of the 10 people I would most like to meet (if they were alive).

    I wonder why Carol and Tallulah are holding flowers? Gloria must have eaten hers.

  2. OK, we MUST hear the When Scooter Met Carol story!

  3. I got to go backstage after a performance of Hello Dolly. What a fun person! She was truly the larger-than-life Carol Channing we know her for. Her laugh just made me smile. And she was very gracious. There were several people in the room but she took time to speak with each person and ask them about themselves. What a delight!

    She was still with her evil husband at the time and her whole mood changed as he came in to the room.

  4. Who is the babe on the wall??