Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Special: Such Lovely Couples


  1. Really, Jayne could have been up there alone, dontcha think?

  2. Wondrous! They knew how to do it. I'm not sure how I feel about Doug Fairbanks jr holding his cig over the pool, though! And of course I can never look at any photo of Fernando without recalling his widow's account of how he drove to parties naked from the waist down in order to put his pants on fresh, and commando, so there would be no unsightly creases!

  3. Jason -- "Here they are, Jayne Mansfield!"

    Poseidon3 -- HA! HA! Is that from Esther Williams's memoirs? I missed that anecdote; I must have been still reeling from the image of Jeff Chandler dressed as Betsy Bloomingdale.

  4. Yes, sir. She describes 'Nando as being positively obsessed with the fit, cut and condition of his clothes and she would often worry about being pulled over for speeding while he was pantsless in the driver's seat! But that's the price of looking "mahvelous" as Billy Crystal made famous in his impersonation.

  5. OK, here's a tidbit from my "almost famous" scrapbook. August, 1955, I'm sitting with Mamie V.D. in the make up room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel as we prepare to be on The Colgate Variety Hour. She was very sweet and chatty.
    The show was LIVE, and she was given little chance to speak on camera, as she would hesitate a moment, and wham, the camera was off her and on to something else. The good old days of microphones falling under tables, people tripping over cables, and just complete chaos. But so much fun!

    (PS I'm watching the red carpet arrivals now... so buzzed, the awards will be on in an hour)!


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