Tuesday, February 17, 2009

With Friends Like Joan...


  1. What an interesting collection of Joan Crawford candid photos. Thanks!
    And the music is nice too!

  2. Thanks! Hope to see more of you here! (And loved the Julie Andrews and Estelle Bennett tributes on your blog.)

  3. I'm not sure you can actually call Mercedes McCambridge a friend (and Helen Hayes looks a shade dubious, as well), but few people had more loyal friends than Joan.

    Few had as many mortal enemies as well (paging Miss McCambridge!), of course...

  4. Muscato -- Joan certainly was the loyalest of friends and deadliest of enemies...of course, this and my other "Such Good Friends" posts are slightly tongue in cheek. JC and Mercedes gamely smiling for the photogs when they really despised each other makes ME smile. JC and HH were apparently quite good friends (go fig!).

  5. Favorite line from a movie ever
    "Don't fuck with me fella's"

    From Mommie Dearest said to Pepsi board as they tried to screw her over when her husband died. Love it bitches