Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Such Good Friends

Doris Day & Diana Ross

Mae West & Tallulah Bankhead

Joan Collins & Shirley Bassey

Monique Van Vooren & Mamie Van Doren

Judy Garland & Jane Wyman

Marilyn Monroe & Dorothy Kilgallen

Rosalind Russell, Greer Garson & Merle Oberon

Diana Dors & Jayne Mansfield

Ava Gardner & Lana Turner

Joan Crawford & Virginia Graham

Barbra Streisand & Marlene Dietrich

Marlon Brando & Bea Lillie


  1. Awesome! I love Joan Collins' looks during this time frame with the Vidal Sassoon-ish hair. Why does Virginia Graham look like that heavy drag queen who was first to be voted off of RuPaul's new show?! And could Babs look a little less comfortable at the fashion show?!

  2. the pic of diana and jayne is awesowe! thanks for your words about my blog :)

  3. Poseidon3 -- I love late 60's Joan Collins, too. Funny how she looked her absolute best when her career was at its absolute lowest ebb.

    Vivir en Tucson -- My pleasure!

  4. Honest to God! These are insane. Poor Jayne Mansfield. That wig was all over the WORLD, France, Italy, England, Texas, and Tallulah looks an awful lot like Ceaser Romero's as the Joker. Wow!