Friday, February 20, 2009

Miss Davis Is Ageless

"She did it the hard way."


  1. NOW VOYAGER, absolutely never tire of it. On my blog I've got this centennial celebration memo with a hand painted color on black and white photo of her I bought from a guy in Australia that he did himself. She looks so good in color, made me wonder what that film might have been in color. I think it would have worked and been even better.
    In my humble, as they say.

  2. OHHHH, Jiva, I don't know about that one (NV in color). I love that movie so, have seen it literally dozens of times, and know every nuance and line. I cannot picture it in color. Have you read the book? It's also wonderful, and the picture stayed very close to its source material, which is nice (and unusual). And even reading the novel, the images in my mind are black and white.

    Bette DID look good in color, of course.

  3. Guess it would all depend on who did the colors. If they were as vibrant and personal as the one I have on my blog, it might have worked as emotions have color too. My mom, sister and I watched it when it was first shown on television, with a box of tissues at hand, for all the tears that flowed.

    Well, it will never be in color, so we'll never know. Black and white it stays.


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