Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh, Mr. Grant!

From 1962 until 1979, America's Sweetheart, Mary Tyler Moore, was married to television executive and producer, Grant Tinker. Together, they formed MTM Enterprises in 1969, which resulted in a little thing called The Mary Tyler Moore Show... and suddenly, love was all around.

We admit to a strange, unhealthy obsession with the craggily, conservatively hunky Mr. Tinker; the fact that The Man That Got Away and he share an eerie resemblance has a lot to do with it. (We'll leave it to your judgement if we share a similar resemblance to Mary.) For a time, Grant Tinker and MTM (the lady and the company) were an unstoppable, unbeatable combination -- as well as a strikingly attractive one.


  1. our attractions work.

    But I think he's one of those men who got better looking as he aged.
    He looks great up there in that first that bottom one, not so much...but maybe it's the glare from Mary's bouffant/fur.

  2. Do you think they used the name Lou Grant because of him at all? This was the first time it ever crossed my mind. I agree that he got even better looking as he aged, something I hope happens to me! LOL

  3. Jason -- He definitely aged very well, but c'mon...the nerdy glasses are hot. LOL.

    Poseidon3 -- I often wondered that, as well! (RE: Lou Grant, and my own aging process.)

  4. I'm so with you on this...
    total hottie!


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