Thursday, April 2, 2009

Always a Bridesmaid...

Perhaps better known as one of Princess Grace's bridesmaids than for any of her film roles, glamorous, gorgeous Rita Gam somehow never quite made it as a movie star, despite her formidable cheekbones and exotic beauty. Her appearances as a guest panelist on What's My Line? showcased her as a smart cookie, as well as a delectable dish; perhaps her divorce from rising director Sidney Lumet, and a falling out with Cecil B. DeMille over the offered role of Moses' wife in The Ten Commandments had something to do with her career doldrums. However, Ms. Gam survived gracefully, becoming a documentary filmmaker, and penning two books on acting. She's also still elegant and lovely, as evidenced by this recent photo with two other troupers, Lilliane Montevecchi and Arlene Dahl:

Happy Birthday, Rita Gam! Living well and looking fabulous is, as always, the best revenge.

April 2, 1928

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  1. I love Rita in "King of Kings!" I never knew that about her almost playing Moses' wife. Interesting.


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