Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Love

The burning question: who was the inspiration for April O'Day, Hollywood Starlet and her distinctive white bubble-do?


  1. I think the bubble-do inspiration is from Dick Tracy’s, Moon Maid. But I also have a nasty remark involving Jayne Mansfield. Damn, she’s not naturally pretty like the company that you have her included in. She’s sort of make-up pretty but naturally, NO. I’m going to go to Jayne’s version of Hell for saying that.

    My Mother always said, “If you think a girl is pretty take her down to the river and dunk her in it, if she comes out pretty then she is naturally pretty.”

  2. Jayne's version of Hell? The mind reels. Some kind of Victorian purgatory, where leopard print and chihauhaus are outlawed?

    And I like your mother without even knowing her!

  3. I got nothin'
    I just love seeing Joanne here.