Friday, April 10, 2009

Mac Daddy

We need a new raincoat, but our search has been hindered by the fact that we A) are unwilling to spend over $1000 on it, and B) want to simplest, most pared-down style possible. In our shopping travels, it seemed that these were lofty goals, indeed. Then we came across a little something from the trendoid/hip French label, A.P.C. (trendoid and hip being adjectives we normally shy away from). It's plain, simple, and comes in XS. The price point is an extremely reasonable $360. We value your opinions, dear readers!


  1. It's a winner! Stick to the classics. I've been looking for one for YEARS.

  2. Definitely. Especially if it comes with that boy wearing it.

  3. I love it. Mines a little longer in black with a blood red lining.