Friday, April 3, 2009

Speaking of Barely-Recognizable Baldwins...

Know this face?

No, it's not Judy Tenuta playing Cesar Romero playing The Joker.

No, it's formerly smolderingly-hot, supposedly gay-for-pay porn star Lex Baldwin -- now known as the terribly butch, heterosexual porn star "Talon." Let's compare and contrast once more, shall we?

"Gay" porn star Lex Baldwin:

"Straight" porn star Talon (f.k.a. Lex Baldwin):

Whatever you say, Nancy. All we know is that, as young gaylings of the late 1980's/early 1990's, we were terribly disillusioned by this sad story. We're cynical enough to expect our idols to have feet of clay, but not noses of silly putty.

(THANKS for the Judy Tenuta image!)


  1. Further proof that men should never have work done. Besides the age only enhances their handsomeness. Tis a pity as he was one of my favorites about 20 years ago, now I don’t even recognize him.

  2. Apparently, Lexie-Poo was pressured to drop out of gay porn by his family -- which includes a very straight brother who preceeded him in hetero porn. The plastic surgery was, apparently, an attempt to further distance himself from his past. And, one suspects, his true colors... the irony being, of course, that he looks gayer than ever!

  3. the irony being, of course, that he looks gayer than ever!

    Gayer than a maypole?

  4. As usual, I'm with Ayem8y. Lex and I spent a lot of time together, in my imagination, back in the day, and now, even with the hint, I didn't know who it was. Should have skipped the work and paid more attention to recovering from the chest wax jobs.

  5. Hilarious...

    I love your site. I linked you on my blog. Hope that's ok. :-)