Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dietrich Speaks

"I did not know Joan Crawford, but nobody deserves that kind of slaughter [Mommie Dearest]. Too bad [Joan] did not leave [Christina] where she found her, so she could now be spitting out her poison in the slums of some big city. I hate [Christina] with a passion, and I know the public will." - Marlene Dietrich


  1. good grief! maybe joans behavior was making someone look at themselves a little closely....

  2. I think Marlene definitely was angered by someone (CC) having the gall to shatter the illusion that stars like she and Joan worked so hard to create, and struggled so valiantly to maintain. Certainly, Dietrich had her own issues with her daughter -- but even as damning a portrait as Maria Riva's eventual memoirs of her famous mother were, Riva at least acknowledged her mother's status as a truly great star and creation. Christina never understood or respected that; a lack of empathy, it would seem, was the fatal flaw on both sides of that story.