Sunday, March 27, 2011

She's a Schemer, Aren't We All?

Double Indemnity (1944, Paramount)


  1. forgive me, but i always hated barbara in this wig in this movie, but presumed billy wanted it that way.

    so yes, it worked.

  2. totally its my fav hair on Barbara, hands down.

  3. Norma, I'm with you... I can't stand it and it affects my enjoyment of the film!

  4. But you gotta admit -- it made a memorable impression!

    I also love, for all its schtick, Steve Martin's turn in Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, especially his scene where he recreates the Stanwyck/MacMurray supermarket and seduction scenes.

  5. TJB: you're right.

    i saw the movie you mention at the hitchcock theatre on the universal lot when it came out. i may have a small poster or two someplace. i was out of my mind excited by that picture, at the time.