Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fine Feathered Friends

"To me, Joan Crawford’s screen portrayals are all one: a series of transparencies through which she projects her daydream –- herself –- a wonderful abused kid. On the screen, every ladylike effort is stretched by the memory of self-abasement; the salt of every tear is the salt of self-pity." - Louise Brooks


  1. The first time I read that, it shocked me(having loved Brook's writing in books like Lulu In Hollywood--which could serve as a primer on how to write well)but as an adult, having re-read it--and it IS terrific, btw--as well as having read a more recent biography of our Miss Brooks (which sadly, I no longer have), it's clear to me that Louise was VERY intent on mythologizing herself at any expense. I can't fault her for that--she certainly had a grim life! But...
    "I never liked Joan Crawford-she was a washerwoman's daughter, you know"...speaks volumes to me.
    I do however LOVE the comment she made(words to this effect)that Joan was the brass ring in the wedding cake.
    I do believe Joan wanted to BE the wedding cake...but-sometimes-the brass ring did show through...

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