Sunday, March 27, 2011

Take it from the Big Mouth

Wear your Sunday hat!


  1. My god she looks glamorous. For a minute there, when I saw that first photo, I thought, No Way!
    I never knew Martha Raye could look that good.

    There is this film "The Big Broadcast of 1938" with Bob Hope, W.C.Fields, and Martha Raye. She plays Fields' daughter. He hates her. He owns a big commercial ship, and the crew has instructions never to let her on board. She rows out to the ship and climbs up the ropes. Fields yells, "Throw her overboard!" The sailors say, "But sir, what about the sharks!?" And Fields says, "The sharks will just have to fend for themselves."

  2. secured with polident, no doubt.

  3. She looks like Fergie or Kristen Johnston

  4. Heavens to betsy, no! No mention of Fergie (black eyed or ex-royalty) among these hallowed halls of glamour!!