Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You Mean, All This Time...?

"There is no need to hole up in an apartment and die alone. No. None. Poor Joan. I wish I could have liked her more." - Bette Davis


  1. ☆☆☆☆

    you should release them all in a box set.

  2. That picture of Bette is like the famous one of George Washington, only this one WON'T look at you, no matter where you go in the room! These quotes and pics were GREAT, TJB!

  3. i didnt even recognize bette in that picture! must be in later years.

  4. The Bette pic is La Davis made up as the monstrous matriarch of Where Love Has Gone, a tawdry 1964 soap opera co-starring Susan Hayward and Joey Heatherton (!) as her slutty daughter and juvenile delinquent granddaughter, respectively. Davis wore a ridiculous Redi-Whip wig in the film.


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